About Us

LunaMax Studio founded by Alireza Isaee Tafreshi and Salma Afkari.
Our activities are in the field of film & animation production and animation trailers like:
Production of Movies, Television and Television Animation
TV Commercials, Advertising Trailer, Visual Effects
Ideas, Design and Construction of Television Advertising
Special Effects Designer and Computer Field.
The examples of our activities can be listed as follows:

Animation Telefilms:
“The Legend of Roshan Hero” 72′

Animation Series:
1) “Puffer Fish” 104*10′
2) “Istanbul Muhafizlari” 26*13’
3) “Cakıl” 13*13’
4) “Tiny Tiny Dangeres” 14*1.5’

Animation Short Films:
“Nobody's Identity”

1) Rapido
2) Dannette
3) Charsoo Mall
4) Saray
5) Vestel Electronics


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Address: No 9, 3rd Floor, Mellat Tower Valiasr Ave, Tehran ,Iran

Tel : +982126107768